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"I had the joy of teaching a student last year when she was in 7th grade; I am also her science teacher this 2018-2019 school year. Last year she did not attend school very often and her grades suffered. She seemed to have no drive at all. This year she is a part of MEGA Mentors and is attending school more, and she even checks her grades weekly to make sure she is not falling behind in any of her classes. This is a huge step for her. She attends all the field trips provided by MEGA Mentors and she is even becoming more social, I have also noticed how she isn’t afraid to speak up and advocate for herself or others. She is one of many students that come to mind when I think about the impact of this program. I am so excited to get a chance to witness greatness."

Nashara Tucker, Coordinator
Manchester Middle School

"I am a Chesterfield Community High School graduate (2015) and was in MEGA Mentors for the last two years. I went to every meeting and field trip available. I was the 2015 MEGA Mentors Student of the Year. I was so honored to be chosen! I am now in college and on the road to success for which this program has prepared me for. MEGA has helped me in many ways and coming from a rough educational background, the program has helped me grow. I now would like to help other students grow and become successful. I would love to share my story of how I went from a major downfall to becoming successful."

Vernisha Benson, Former Student
Carver College and Academy

"Thank you for the many hours you have spent with my son. Thank you for the encouragement, your thoughtfulness and your dedication to our young men and women."

Dorothy Hamlin, Parent
Providence Middle School

“I think it is good for students in our population to have a strong male or female role model in their lives, because that is lacking for so many of them. I have seen our MEGA Mentor representatives going so far above and beyond for the students, helping them with homework, accountability and

Kelly Depew, Guidance Counselor
Providence Middle School

“Please understand that behavioral and performance change for these students does not necessarily occur overnight. I believe MEGA Mentors has planted seeds that will take root and grow over time. Some of these students are facing major obstacles in life. I don't see what MEGA Mentors is doing as changing performance and behaviors, I see MEGA Mentors changing lives. In my opinion, changing lives is more important!

Bryan Curtis, Administrator
Thomas Dale High School

“Your (MEGA) mere presence makes a difference to our students

Andrew Mey, Principal
Meadowbrook High School

My mentors (God too, of course) kept me motivated to keep trying and do my best. Even if I am a little short of my best, I kept going simply because I knew that you all told me it for a reason. I am really thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to meet such strong, bold, beautiful, independent, successful, and smart women of color like my mentors.

Okiya, Student
Thomas Dale High School

One of the best things about mentoring is watching the growth of the students as they navigate their school life with better decision making, increased confidence as their grades improve and, the look on their faces when achievements are recognized. None of the students start with the same set of grades or circumstances but, they are all capable of achieving and maturing as they continue in the program. I enjoy walking through the process with them.

Machel Jones, Mentor
Thomas Dale High School

I observed a great deal of maturity and growth within the mentees, as well as consistent or improved grades. The consistency of the MEGA Mentors is what went well at this school.

James Holmes, Coordinator
Falling Creek Middle School

“I am extremely proud of the incredible success of MEGA Mentors and the life changing results they are making with our students. In just a few short years MEGA Mentors have become the premier mentoring program in Chesterfield County. These dedicated men and women are unsung heroes in our community who do not seek personal praise or recognition, but rather selfless satisfaction in knowing that they are positively changing lives for some of our most needy youth. God Bless You!”

Marcus J. Newsome, Ed.D., Superintendent
Petersburg City Public Schools
(Former Chesterfield County Public Schools Superintendent)