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MEGA Mentors Video Resources


TITLE Presenter Length (Mins)

Middle School/
High School

Six Quick Facilitation Tips Andrew Huffer 4:19 Both
Stop Wasting Time- Part 1: Motivational Video for Success & Studying Coach Hite 5:55  
Invest in Yourself Eric Thomas 3:31  
Be a Beast Eric Thomas 6:04  
Don't STOP When You're Tired Eric Thomas 4:36  
Never Stop Grinding Eric Thomas 5:00  
Twenty Things Kids Should Say More Often Kid President 3:31 Middle School
Believe Will Smith 4:00  
You Can Achieve Anything Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 4:59  
Leadership Qualities Gareth Rees 1:33 Middle School
Characteristics of Effective Leaders Suzanne Leitz 3:49 Middle School
Famous Failures   2:58  
The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life Rick Rigsby 10:21 High School
Conflict Resolution: How to Disagree With People Kid President 5:09 Middle School
Kid President Meets the President of the United States (Obama) Kid President 3:49 Middle School
Poor Interview Skills UMDNJ 3:09  
Interview Dos and Don'ts   4:15 High School
Standing Up For Yourself Les Brown 4:27  
Understanding and Respect for Self and Others Kevin Gates 3:11  
The Way to Happiness (21 mini videos)   Various  
The Truth About Drugs   1:00 Both
The Future is Yours LeBron James 3:44  
Never Accept Defeat LeBron James 4:13 Both
FAILURE Is A Part of SUCCESS   5:36 Both
Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom Oprah Winfrey 3:07 Both
What Are You Going To Do With What You Have? Denzel Washington 11:46 Both
Why 2% Percent Succeed and 98% Don't Denzel Washington & Will Smith 10:03  
Words of Wisdom Kevin Hart 5:15  
Student Walks 20 Miles To New Job   1:22 High School
Goal-Setting Pep Talk Kid President 3:27 Middle School
Famous Failures   2:58 Both
Five Time Management Tips for Students   5:13 High School
Goal-Setting Growth Mindset   3:10 Both
Conflict & Resolution   3:25 Both
Three Tips for Choosing Better Friends This Year Anthony ONeal 6:09 Both
Choose Your Friends With Caution Prince Ea 1:15  
The #1 Habit of Rich People Anthony ONeal 5:38 High School
The Greatest Speech Ever: Goals and Effort CT Fletcher 4:47  
Locked Out: The Fall of Massive Resistance PBS Learning Media 3:49 High School
What is Black Lives Matter? George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, All Lives Matter, Systemic Racism Explained Behind the News 15:17 High School
Developing a S.M.A.R.T. Career Plan 1:50 High School