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Middle School Topics: All

Middle School Topics

Character Development/Core Values
GS-02 Transition to Middle School
GS-03 Middle School Discussion Question
GS-04 Effective Learning Habits Grade 6A
GS-05 Transition to Middle School (6th Grade Only)
GS-09 Using Goals for Success
GS-09A Using Goals for Success
GS-10 Start Your Future Now- 8th Grade
GS-11 Bring Your A Game
L-05 MEGA Mentors Expectations Session 1
L-06 What does success mean to you
L-08 Life Skills for MEGA Mentors Students
L-12 Effective Learning Habits Grade 6A
LS-01 Why You Should Do Better In School
LS-02 What is Leadership - Putting it to work for you
LS-03 The Leader in Me - Middle School
LS-06A How to Listen Guide
LS-07 The Leader In Me - Middle School
LS-11 Seven Habits of Happy Middle Schoolers
LS-13 Listening Skills
LS-14 Daring To Be Different
LS-15 How to Create a Budget
LS-16 Seeking Help From Others and Group Decision Making
LS-16 Teen Relationships
LS-17 What To Do If Stopped By The Police
PA-03 Conflict Resolution Syllabus
PA-06 Conflict Resolution
PA-07 Resolving Conflict with Negotiation
PA-08 Character Development
PA-14 The Value of an Education
PA-15 What Is Time Management
PA-15A Time Management
PA-16 Taking Responsibility for your Actions
PY-01 Introduction to MEGA Mentors
PY-01A Introduction to MEGA Mentors
PY-02 Who Are You?
PY-03 Dress for Success
PY-03A Dress For Success
PY-04 Public Speaking - African American Historical Figures
PY-05 Public Speaking Guide for Kids Template
PY-06 Create Your Personal Brand
PY-08 Social Media Dos and Don'ts