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Below is a list of all the curriculum documents available on the site.

Note: all curriculum documents have an organic theme, which is indicated by the letter code at the beginning of the file name. Most curriculum has also been tagged with our Core Value Themes of: Respect (R), Responsibility (RES), Achievement (A) and Effort (E). This page only displays the documents by their organic theme. To view the documents by the Core Value themes, please go to "Curriculum by Theme" in the red menu box above and select your choice. 

Theme: Leadership Skills (LS) Theme: Goal Setting (GS) Theme: Life Skills (L) Theme: Personal Assertiveness (PA) Theme: Presenting Yourself (PY)

GS-02 Transition to Middle School
GS-03 Middle School Discussion Question
GS-04 Effective Learning Habits
GS-05 Transition to Middle School (6th Grade Only)
GS-09 Using Goals for Success
GS-09A Using Goals for Success
GS-10 Start Your Future Now
GS-11 Bring Your A Game
GS-12 Common Sense Suggestions for 9th Grade Success
L-05 MEGA Mentors Expectations Session 1
L-06 What does success mean to you
L-08 Life Skills for MEGA Mentors Students
L-12 Effective Learning Habits Grade 6A
L-13 Teaching Values - What's important to me? - Assessment
LS-01 Why You Should Do Better In School
LS-02 What is Leadership - Putting it to work for you
LS-03 The Leader in Me
LS-04 Working with Your Teachers and Mentors
LS-04A Working with Your Teachers and Mentors II
LS-06A How to Listen Guide
LS-07 The Leader In Me
LS-08 What Is Leadership- High School
LS-10 MEGA Interviewing Tips
LS-13 Listening Skills
LS-14 Daring To Be Different
LS-15 How to Create a Budget
LS-16 Seeking Help From Others and Group Decision Making
LS-17 What To Do If Stopped By The Police
LS-18 Black Lives Matter
LS-19 Teen Relationships
PA-01 Resolving Conflict With Negotiation Lesson 9
PA-03 Conflict Resolution Syllabus
PA-06 Conflict Resolution
PA-07 Resolving Conflict with Negotiation
PA-08 Character Development
PA-14 The Value of an Education
PA-15 What Is Time Management
PA-15A Time Management
PA-16 Taking Responsibility for your Actions
PA-17 Brief Review of the College Boards
PY-01A Introduction to MEGA Mentors
PY-01B Introduction to MEGA Mentors
PY-02 Who Are You?
PY-03 Dress for Success
PY-04 Public Speaking - African American Historical Figures
PY-05 Public Speaking Guide for Kids Template
PY-06 Create Your Personal Brand
PY-08 Social Media Dos and Don'ts
PY-09 Learning to Become a Better Writer
PY-10 Communication (Impact, Engagement, Purpose, Respect)