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Public Speaking - African American Historical Figures

Overview & Purpose: These lists were developed to allow students to research and discover famous individuals in a specific area of expertise or profession.  It is particularly useful during black history month. 
Objectives: The goal of the lesson is to point out that “persistence and belief in self, a goal, a plan are fundamental to being successful in anything they do. It’s how you start but how you finish.
Teaching Method: Ask students to bring Chrome books to the session. Select the area that you wish to have them review and allow them to select a name from the list. Ask the student to “GOOGLE” the name and capture 3-4 key facts about the person. Break into small groups and discuss the following questions: Who was your person? What made him/her famous? Tell us something unique about the person?   Another approach is to ask each group at the beginning of February to do research on 10-12 famous people other than sports or entertainers. At the end of the month, the team with the most information and best presentation wins a prize.
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Prepared By: Greg Cummings