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Teaching Values - What's Important To Me?

Overview & Purpose: Teaching Values - What's important to me? 
Objectives: Students will decide what they value and how values affect their choices in everyday living.
Teaching Method: Have students fill out the checklist ‘What’s Important To Me?’ (Note: before copying, review list for any that may not be appropriate for your community and delete or change.) Ask students to go back through the list and pick the four to five values that are the most important to them and write the numbers in the blanks at the bottom. Then have them refer to the ‘Values Characteristics’ handout, find the numbers they have chosen on the left side of the page and write the corresponding words on the lines at the bottom of the page. Refer students to ‘What is a Value?’ Discuss the definition of values. Do the students think the four or five they have selected are the qualities that motivate them to act as they do? Have students share their values with a friend. Did they have any the same? (It is natural for people to associate with people who share the same values).
Materials Needed: Student Handouts: What’s Important to Me?, Value Characteristics, What is a Value?
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Prepared By: Greg Cummings