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Social Media

Format: Classroom

Lesson Plan

Subject to be addressed

Social Media Communication

Lesson Objective

Education on effective forms of modern communication.

What the students should know at the end of the lesson

More information about social media and how Chesterfield County Public Schools use it. They also will learn which social media platforms they use.

Suggested teaching method

Presentation and Interactive discussion.

Suggested Material needed to teach subject

Projector and PowerPoint presentation

Author: Jermaine Johnson
July 14, 2014

Discussion Questions

  1. Who here has a social media account?
  2. How many social media accounts do you have?
  3. Could you imagine not being a Digital native like what was explained earlier?
  4. Do you think before you post comments or pictures of yourself?
  5. Why do you think you should think about those things before you hit send?
  6. Do you think it’s fair to be able to be judged at work for something you posted on Facebook?
  7. Are you aware that social media has taken away your private life.
  8. Did you know most employers will examine your social media account before hiring you to see what kind of person you are?
  9. Do you have stuff on your social media account that a school or job might not approve of?